"Internal progression at Green Energy Advice Bureau has been central to the success of our business. Several members of the management team started their careers with GEAB, and with further growth and expansion set to continue, we hope to see our latest GEAB recruits become future leaders."

-Paul Cobb, Founder & Managing Director

GEAB understand the value of investing in our staff, making GEAB Academy the ideal place to share your ambition and start an incredible career.

Headed up by our legendary Academy Director, Marc Whitelaw, you'll benefit from 3 months of dedicated training and guidance from our highly experienced Management & Coaching team. Our new starter programme includes:

  • A confident approach and understanding of the full Sales cycle.
  • Joining the Sales team in a role ideally matched to your skillset.
  • Receiving on-going support and training from a respected mentor.

Let's get to work. GEAB Academy want to see you succeed.

Marc Whitelaw

Academy Director

Joined GEAB February 2019

Describe a typical day in your role?

Very rare are two days the same. Typically, the morning will start with a meeting with my management team. The agenda is pretty much a discussion on the revenue forecasted for the day as well as coaching and workshop plans. These meetings are repeated in the afternoon, and the end of shift where a review of the day is held. Pretty much everything in between is ad hoc! Like I say no two days are the same!

GEAB Career Highlight:

Taking on various projects which allowed me to showcase my skills, and which have ultimately provided the company with a platform to grow.

Describe the GEAB team in 3 words:

Loud, Tenacious, Driven.

What does it take to be successful at GEAB?

A willingness to learn and a hunger to succeed - as cliched as that sounds.

New team members should know:

It’s loud and fast-paced and can be unbelievably fun!

Career goal?

To continue to support the directors of the business. My immediate aim is to help support growth and development within the company.

Motivational motto:

You get out what you put in.


I highly respect and the American author/businessman John C. Maxwell. Some of his conferences have really resonated with me and I’m currently subscribed to his podcast.

The best career advice you’ve been given?

Back your own ability.

Joe Ophield

GEAB Performance Coach

Joined GEAB January 2021

How do you work with GEAB new starters?

I am a Coach and Mentor. I’m approachable and thrive on seeing people putting learning into practice. No two people are the same, and that’s what makes this job so satisfying.

Why is coaching so helpful to new starters at GEAB?

Coaching helps new starters to understand they aren’t alone. We want them to do well and offer support every step of the way on their journey. Coaching can really help to realign, readjust, and give a flip-sided outlook to their mindset, which reaffirms their goals.

What kind of background do GEAB Coaches share?

I have 12 years’ Sales experience, and the team offers a huge wealth of experience, including an NLP practitioner who works on mindset.

What makes GEAB Coaching unique?

GEAB coaching is tailored to individual needs, and all about unlocking Sales potential. We are friendly, want our staff to do well, and will back them all the way. There’s regular, scheduled coaching sessions with an open-door policy.

What can new starters expect to take with them as they start work?

The ability to maximise every lead and opportunity, utilising everything that makes them shine as a Salesperson. Afterall, no one buys the company, they buy a person. Relationships make sales.

James Hunter

Head of Product & Services Training

Joined GEAB 01 June 2017

Can you provide an overview of the GEAB Academy Training program?

The Academy Training Program is designed to give anyone with little or no previous Energy Sales experience, the tools to ignite their passion and take their career forward. The one week induction empowers the start of a lucrative and rewarding future, structured around exploring and building on previous experience, and incorporating the Business-to-Business Energy Sales Industry.

What kind of qualities are you looking for in new starters at GEAB?

Although no previous experience is required, a knowledge of sales in any field would be an advantage. We’re looking for the ‘The X Factor’. People ready to roll their sleeves up and work hard to achieve the huge success here to be taken. We look for candidates who love to work as a team, yet keep their individuality. Problem solvers are always a highlight. These people aren’t afraid to ask questions and take on the learning experience.

What kind of background do GEAB Trainers share?

GEAB Trainers share the common objectives of passing on valuable experience and knowledge, aiming to create successful salespeople, potential managers, or potential trainers and coaches.

What makes GEAB Training unique?

Our training team have over 50 years of experience, ranging from varied fields, and over 30 years’ experience in Sales and Energy Products Training. Our training has been consistently adapted to meet current trends and individual needs over the last 3 years, and we’ve changed the structure of energy sales training, laying the foundations to sell our brand with confidence. Our process looks at why people buy and how we can understand motivation. Three of our Training Team are fully trained NLP Practitioners, allowing us to explore the psychological ways we can positively sell, and to empower GEAB staff with the right mindset to overcome customer rejection. Our Head of Behavioural Development takes this to a different dimension and gets the best out of our staff as a qualified Hypnotherapist.

What can new starters expect to take away on completion?

A depth of sales knowledge, and greater understanding of the Energy Industry that will hold them in great standing as they move onto the sales floor.

Chris Shalliker

Behavioural Development Manager

Joined GEAB March 2020

Describe a typical day in your role?

There is no typical day. I could be helping the teams on the Sales floor with motivation and energy-specific coaching, or working in the academy teaching mindset and developing our next superstars.

GEAB Career Highlight:

Helping the operation achieve the best sales revenue we’ve ever achieved in 2020. Mind, receiving a surprise present of a £300 tie from Paul Cobb comes close too!

Describe the GEAB team in 3 words:

Energetic, adventurous and positive.

What does it take to be successful at GEAB?

Resilience, positivity, a sense of fun, a sharp mind, and the ability to listen and implement the coaching you get.

New team members should know:

You’ll never work in a more fun, driven and supportive environment. Embrace it all and go for it from day one.

Career goal?

To be the ultimate guru in mindset and sales! (Almost there!)

Motivational motto:

Your life is as positive or negative as your own perception of it and what you decide it will be. You are the ultimate creator so make it amazing!

The best career advice you’ve been given?

Be real, be you. Learn your strengths and use them. Learn your areas for improvement and improve them!

Jacqui Watson

Academy Sales Team Manager

Joined GEAB January 2021

Describe a typical day in your role?

My day starts in a management meeting, reviewing performance, forecasting revenue, and finalising the daily workshop and coaching schedule. I kickstart the day with my team by celebrating the previous day’s success. We set expectations, and share the support plan as to how we are going to achieve. From then, my day is dedicated to supporting my team to develop into successful Energy Consultants.

GEAB Career Highlight:

Being part of GEAB growth plans.

Describe the GEAB team in 3 words:

Driven, positive and supportive.

What does it take to be successful at GEAB?

Having drive to be the best you can be, implementing coaching, and working hard.

New team members should know:

Starting you career in the energy industry at GEAB is a fantastic experience. The 12-week programme at the academy will support you to be the best you can be, in a fun, energetic, and vibrant environment.

Career goal?

My measure of success is leading new recruits through a great academy programme and seeing them successfully graduate as confident Energy Consultants.

Motivational motto:

Quality performance starts with a positive attitude

Motivation soundtrack:

Titanium, David Guetta featuring Sia.

The best career advice you’ve been given?

Back your ability.